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Today, water management is not just ensuring water quality, but also managing water supply and demand. Texas Operations & Professional Services (TOPS) Consulting works with clients looking for innovative ways to effectively manage water to ensure this valuable resource is available for future generations.

TOPS Consulting brings decades of experience water planning and management for utility districts, school districts, companies and associations to provide consulting services including water management plans, risk assessments and regulatory compliance.



Audit & Assessment

Our consulting process begins with an audit and assessment of the current state of an entity’s water management. This typically includes reviewing supply, usage, water quality, and distribution, as well as water operations. We then compare the current state with the entity’s goals and identify any gaps between the two.



Next, we’ll work together to determine if new infrastructure is needed to bridge the gaps identified during the assessment and, if so, what type of infrastructure or operational changes. Example of infrastructures updates that may be needed include xxx, xxx, xxx. We support, inform and advise clients throughout this challenging decision-making process.

Water Operators

During the planning process, TOPS Consulting also works with clients to determine the most effective water management operations solution for their situation: employ direct hires or outsource water operations. The main benefits clients experience when outsourcing water operations include:

  • reduction in overall operational and labor costs

  • specialist service and support from a team of experts, as opposed to one or two employees

  • ability to focus on high-level priorities

  • adoption of leading-edge best practices, system improvements and efficiencies

Texas Operations & Professional Services (TOPS) has decades of experience managing and maintaining water operations for utility and school districts, companies and associations. To date, we have successfully served more than 50,000 customers with their water and wastewater operations.

Best Practices of TOPS Water Operations
  • Accounting Standards

  • Water Volume Accountability

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity

  • Valve Surveys

  • Monthly Operations Report

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Emergency Preparedness

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

The compliance experts and microbiologists at TOPS Consulting can help develop a plan to acquire and maintain regulatory compliance of your district or entity. Additionally, our strong relationships and constant communication with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other agencies keep us informed of the latest compliance developments.


We offer regulatory compliance consulting both as part of a larger consulting partnership or as a standalone service. We follow the same process for regulatory compliance consulting as we do for water management – assess the client’s process and treatment needs, review compliance standards and requirements, identify gaps between the two and establish a plan to close the gaps.

Our Experience

We currently provide consulting services, water utility operation, maintenance, and management for:

  • All sizes of utility districts

  • All sizes of school districts

  • Private Entities and Organizations

  • Developers

​Water management is a responsibility we take very seriously, as the best interest of the public health is placed in our hands and the hands of our clients. We have experience working with all sizes of districts, from very large and complex, to small and tightly contained. A partnership with TOPS will ensure a client’s success in managing the water services they need. Our diverse experience makes Texas Operations & Professional Services a valuable partner - large enough to provide all the professional services you need and small enough to do it with a personal touch.

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